Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday at the Mall

Jas, Carter, and I braved the mall tonight so that I could look for an Easter-y, springy outfit of some kind that I can wear in the freezing cold, rainy weather we're supposed to have on Sunday. I think Oklahomans should abandon the idea of Easter dresses and bonnets, and adopt the much more practical idea of Easter sweaters and earmuffs. I'm not complaining, though, because I haven't been to the gym enough times to feel comfortable in spring dresses yet, anyway. So I'm kind of grateful for the excuse to wear my comfortable black pants and my new white blazer that I discovered at NY & Co., paired with a turquoise shirt for extra springiness. AND the blazer was 15% off because I'm a AAA member...who knew?

Carter thoroughly enjoyed the experience because he got to ride in the race car stroller that you can rent for a ridiculously high price at the mall. He also made a friend at the kiddie playland. He found a little girl who liked to play chase and make "scary" monster faces as much as he does...what luck! Mason, just for the record, was playing at a friend's house. So a good time was had by all...except maybe Jas, who got dragged to the mall to Carter-sit while I shopped. He was in good company, though. The kiddie land was full of dads, and there were an unusual amount of men pushing race car strollers tonight.

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