Thursday, July 10, 2008

Food...and Other Stuff

I made brownies yesterday that had whole wheat flour, milled flax seed, and natural applesauce instead of vegetable oil. Mason ate one and then said, "Can I have another one? Well, actually, they kind of taste like poop. But can I have another one anyway?" Carter didn't have any complaints - he ate three.

Sneaky Chef vs. Deceptively Delicious
I'm trying to decide if I want to buy Jessica Seinfeld's book, her competitor's book, both, or neither. I love the idea of cooking with veggie puree to add some nutrients to our food. Mason eats quite a few vegetables, but Carter only eats carbs - willingly, anyway. The poor kid takes after his mom - I have a serious addiction to Cheez-Its and homemade mac 'n cheese (which I now make with whole wheat pasta). So adding cauliflower puree to mac 'n cheese intrigues me, and I want to try it. If anyone has tried one of these books, please let me know what you thought about it. I don't want to waste my money!

Couch Potatoes
We switched our TV and internet service to AT&T U-Verse. It's all wireless - not satellite. We got the premium package free for the first month, and then we can downgrade to a cheaper package once we have to pay (there are no contracts - it's all month to month). I see why they give the premium package free for a month, though. We're hooked. We've always had the bare bones, least expensive packages (and even went without cable for several months), so there are tons of channels we've never had before. Our DVR has 4 lines, so we can record up to 4 shows at once - and schedule them to be recorded from the TV or from the computer. And the BEST thing: Video on Demand. Shows and movies galore that we can download for viewing at any time. Barney, Diego, Caillou, and all of their friends can be on our TV with the click of a button. Charlotte's Web, Night at the Museum - click, they're playing in HD. I wonder how much this package costs in real life.


Dawn said...

I have the Deceptively Delicious cookbook. But, I have yet to fix anything from it! LOL After reading it it just seemed too much work for this momma! My child won't leave me alone in the kitchen long enough to do all of it.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our DVR!! I want to get another one set up on the t.v. upstairs just for kids shows.

Unknown said...

LOL to the poopy brownies - so funny! I checked the J.Seinfeld book out of the library but never read it so no advice. You could check it out before you buy it though :) And we dont' have cable - haven't for about 5 years - but bought a little HD TV and now get a lot of stations that we didn't get before. The kids are thrilled with Qubo - 24/7 cartoons!