Saturday, April 12, 2008

"I agree with what Hillary said..."

...the words of Bill Clinton, not me. I just read an article that quoted him saying, "I agree with what Hillary said," when asked about a controversial issue. For some reason it made me laugh and cry at the same time...he's such a joke! How did he ever get elected twice? Can you imagine the reality of this couple in office again? It really wouldn't be any different than it was when Bill was prez, only this time Hillary can just sign the bills herself instead of running things behind the scenes. She was president for 8 years, after all.

And don't get me started on Obama. I can't figure out why he's so popular. Who is supporting this lying, racist, inexperienced joker? Must be the same people people who voted for Bill twice. I actually think his supporters would switch their vote to Oprah in a heartbeat if she ran for office. Aren't they really voting for who she tells them to anyway?

On a personal note, Jas is outside pushing Mason and Carter around in the little Jeep. They're loving it and laughing hysterically - I love happy, Spring noises. Of course, we could just charge the Jeep's battery and let the boys drive it around. I guess Jas needed a free workout.


Mimi said...

Love what you have written dear Angela. Do you know how thankful I am for you? Please continue to write about your life for that includes my darling boy and his darling boys and in a way I am able to "be there". The boys are so handsome and they look so grown up. What a difference a few weeks make. I love you all so much and I miss you.


Go For It! said...

Angela... I didn't know you were so political! Just kidding. I couldn't agree more with your estimation of Bill, Hillary, and Obama. Tell Jas "Hello" for me.