Monday, April 14, 2008


Obviously, I followed the kids around with a camera this weekend. Mason had friends over Friday and Saturday night - it's the first time he's made "social" arrangements on his own. Our neighbor, Ben, came over to play Friday night. Poor Ben had to watch Mason's favorite YouTube video of the model trains set to opera music over and over. He may never come back. Saturday night, Gracie asked Mason to come over. I walked him part of the way and made it very clear that he was NOT supposed to jump on her trampoline for another 2 weeks (surgery recovery instructions). As soon as I walked in the house, Tabi called to ask if Mason was supposed to be jumping on the trampoline. Apparently he told her that I said it was okay. Reminds me of the little girl who told her babysitter it was okay to go swimming with the parks and recreation group when I was...ummm.....when she was five. Anyway, they decided to come to our house to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. They loved it - especially parts with bathroom humor.

Sunday was great, too. I came closer than ever to being on time for praise team practice. Steven's message was the second one in a series about forgiveness. I always feel like I should forgive someone when I hear a message about forgiveness, but I usually can't think of anyone I'm holding a grudge against. Last week I was mad at Jas, so I forgave him at church - that worked out. But this week I came up blank. I guess that's a good thing. Although, I have to confess that I thought of several other people who need to forgive someone - maybe it's easier to see the need for forgiveness when it's not personal. If anyone knows of someone I need to forgive, please let me know. Thanks!

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