Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back in the Groove

It was so nice to get back to church today - I feel like we're starting to lead a normal life again. We haven't really had a very normal life since Mason was diagnosed with MVP. Carter was born a few months later, and life with a baby is never normal. Then last year we had one illness after another - mostly Mason's illnesses. But this morning, no one was sick, everyone got dressed without arguments, I made it to praise team practice almost on time, we all had a great time at Sunday school (even Carter only cried for a second after I left him), and Steven's message about forgiveness was awesome. Mason colored pictures instead of squirming around and asking to go to the bathroom every five minutes, like he usually does in "big church." All is well this Sunday afternoon.

One piece of the "all is well" puzzle is the new behavior program we started a couple of days ago for Mason. It's a website that all moms MUST visit - Mason has an account on this site that allows me to make behavior charts and chore charts with "tasks" that are all assigned positive or negative points. He decided on some rewards and he earns point toward those rewards everyday. He also earns bonus points that he can use to "buy" cartoon clips and really cool costumes for his cat character. There's even a little interactive land called Handiland where his cat can talk to other kids' cats. They're limited to a list of generic phrases, though, so it's safe for kids to do by themselves. Mason loves it so far, and it's motivating all of us to focus on the positive for a change.

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