Friday, January 25, 2008

Cardio Update

It looks like we'll be going to Dallas to have Mason's surgery instead of St. Louis. Our cardiologist talked to the surgeons at Dallas Children's Hospital, and he recommended going with them. Of course, we would go to Timbuktu if that's where the best pediatric heart surgeons were. But I'm glad that some of the best ones are in a city we're familiar with.

I'm putting off actually thinking about the surgery until I absolutely have to. I can't really even think about it long enough to pray, which is why I'm glad I have so many wonderful friends and family members praying for us. Occasionally, though, a stray thought hits my mind (without my permission) and the tears take over. Like today, I was thinking about how I would keep the kids occupied this summer while I write, and I got a picture in my head of Mason and Carter at the pool. (No, I won't be writing while they're at the pool...duh!) It suddenly occurred to me that Mason will have a scar, maybe a pretty big one, on his chest this summer. Before I could stop myself, I was overcome with fear and dread. Then I remembered a) He's a boy - boys think scars are cool, and b) He'll probably have a life jacket on. Most importantly, God is still in control, even if I can't talk to Him about this.

On a lighter, weirder note, Mason told me tonight that he wanted underwear with Satan on them. You know, Spiderman, Batman, and Satan - they're all on underwear, right? I think the Bibleman show has him a little confused. Mason now thinks that Satan's helpers look like the bad guys on the show. And all of them look like comic book characters. I'm just wondering why he didn't ask for Bibleman underwear. Maybe he thinks Spiderman and Batman are bad guys, and you only put bad guys on underwear? In any case, we're not getting Satan underwear, even if there is a company that makes them.

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