Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a difference a week makes!

Last week I was simply a home daycare provider. This week I am a professional freelance writer with my first paid assignment - an ebook about The Family Dog. If I get the article assignment from Thailand that I applied for, I'll be an international freelance writer. Doesn't that sound impressive? I may have to buy fancy sunglasses or something if I go international.

Last week I was battling AT&T and contemplating legal action against them. This week I received confirmation from the AT&T exec. that I will receive every penny they owe me in the form of a bill credit. No February or March phone/internet/satellite bill to pay!

Last week I was praying that Mason wouldn't have to have mitral valve repair surgery this spring. This week I'm interviewing pediatric heart surgeons and praying that we can schedule it for spring break. His cardiologist said that he does need the surgery "sooner rather than later," which apparently means before summer. We've prayed every night for two years that his heart would be healed. We were hoping for a Red Sea style miracle, but I guess a repair surgery would be a healing, too. I would do just about anything to keep him off of the operating table, but since it seems to be inevitable, we're just asking for our friends and family to keep Mason in your prayers.

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Unknown said...

YAY - I know a famous person...almost internationally famous person. How cool! Congrats :) I will be praying for Mason and for you peace during this time.