Friday, June 22, 2007

Fabulous Family Vacation

We're in Branson on our first ever Trent family vacation, and so far it's a huge success! The resort where we're staying has pools galore to satisfy Mason's appetite for swimming. They also have playland "jungle gyms" for the kids, which has been a bigger hit with Carter than the pools. He's not sure about playing in water deeper than his bathtub. He did finally loosen up and splash a little today, but I'm not calling him a water baby yet. He has two new words he's used the whole time we've been here. He uses 'owww' when he doesn't like something, like being in the pool. It sounds like something is hurting him, but it's really just a mild complaint. His other word is 'myyy' when he wants something - might be 'mine' - I'm not sure. Mason and I went to the luau/pirate show here at the resort tonight, and tomorrow we're all going to see Kirby Ven Burch - the magician with tigers, helicopters, and even a vanishing unicorn. For the $70 we paid for the tickets, it'd better be a real unicorn!

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