Monday, June 11, 2007

Telescopes and Bananas

Mason's new obsession is looking through his telescope into "space." It was so cloudy last night that we couldn't really see anything, but Mason swears he saw Mars. He says he saw something red. We did look around the neighborhood during the day, though. It was fun looking in people's windows until I realized that that's probably illegal - I'd feel really bad if I turned Mason into a peeping Tom :-0. We'll have to stick to looking at imaginary red planets from now on - maybe we'll find a real one!

Carter's become a banana addict. He can't get enough of them, and he scarfs them down in seconds. He must have a potassium deficiency.

We applied to adopt a dog today from a rescue shelter - a chihuahua/pomeranian mix. Mason has been begging for a dog for his birthday. We've tried everything to change his mind - offering a trampoline, swingset, etc. instead of a dog. He's set. SO...we're trying to get the smallest, least amount of trouble dog we can possibly find. NO puppies - we tried that once and sold it after 2 weeks.

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