Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Must be All the Rain

I guess the cloudy, rainy weather has affected our mood around here. Mason woke up spouting hateful words, and Carter...well, Carter just threw his usual 25 fits that he throws every day. Carter's consequence is easy...I put him on his bed until he quits crying. Mason's, however, is a bit more of a challenge. I finally resorted this morning to the June Cleaver style lecture. "Now, Beave, you can't go around telling people you hate them. It isn't kind, and you're a kind boy. Run along now and remember the golden rule." Okay, so it wasn't quite that hokey, but it was close. And it obviously didn't work because he told our friend Kaylee that he hated her on the way home from school. SO I skipped the second lecture and made him pick out some "treasures" from his room that he could wrap and give to her as an apology gift. (His future wife can thank me later.) Then I picked out the next two things that will become apology gifts if he should decide to tell someone else he hates them. And should the trend STILL continue, he gets to use his allowance money to BUY apology gifts. Something tells me that Bill Cosby would be very proud of me.

Forgot to mention: Carter has started imitating me when he gets mad. He wrinkles up his nose and says, "I not very happy wif you!" I don't laugh, but it's really funny. Those are the things you wish you had on video to laugh a later...when it's not a discipline issue anymore!

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Unknown said...

Maybe you should write a parenting book, "Real Discipline with Creative Consquences" It might be your next career with speaking engagements, videos and parenting workshops. Wanda