Monday, January 26, 2009

If I'd Known It Was the Last Time...

I read a poem one time that was about how we celebrate our children's "firsts," but the "lasts" tend to go unnoticed. The last bottle, the last time Mom was "Mommy," the last hug from chubby little arms. I don't remember what it was called or one single line from it, but I remember crying my eyes out and making a point to record every-day occurrences a little better before they become the "lasts." It's part of the reason I started blogging. Here are some things that are a part of life at our house...for now...
  • Mason's obsession with football (but complete lack of understanding the game itself)
  • Carter's obsession with fire trucks
  • Driving by 2 different fire stations every day to "see if the doors are open"
  • Two antsy little boys eating Goldfish in the double-seat cart at Wal-Mart (before they start arguing and kicking each other)
  • The Wii...Backyard Football, Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Wii Fit
  • Movies...The Grinch, Game Plan, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Firehouse Dog, Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • TV...Scooby Doo, Franklin (before school), Caillou, Fireman Sam, sometimes Diego
  • Books...Narnia Chronicles, Junie B. Jones, Goosed, anything about the Titanic for Mason, anything about fire trucks for Carter
  • Mason's paper, tape, and staple creations...wallets, rockets, telescopes, doghouses, etc.
  • Carter's happy chattering from his room...where he plays with his fire trucks


Dawn said...

I love this! I may have to do something like this on my blog when I get some time. :)

After all, we want to record all these special memories for all time.

Unknown said...

This is so sweet to remember all these things. Also the reason I started a blog...that I have been neglecting!