Monday, February 18, 2008

Mysterious Ways

Earlier today, just before I opened my Dove chocolate (dark chocolate - it's health food), the thought crossed my mind that God might have a message for me in the little saying on the wrapper. Then I decided it was superstitious, maybe blasphemous, and put the thought out of my mind. When I opened the first one, (I don't remember what the other 3 said :-), it said, "Share a sunset with someone." I knew then that God didn't send me that message because I've never been a big sunrise/sunset fan.

This evening I was driving home from McDonald's (also health food) with Mason and Carter at 5:53 p.m., and Mason said, "Look at the sunrise!" I replied with a quick, "Sunset," without even looking out the window. Then I remembered the Dove message. So I looked out the window, and there was a gorgeous, picture-perfect sunset scene in the sky - with pink clouds and perfect, yellow sunrays. Mason added, "That's what it looked like in Israel when Jesus came back from being dead. And now He's here...God is right here with us."

Wow! I'll pay closer attention to my Dove chocolate wrappers from now on. I also won't worry so much when Mason compares God to Diego (as in Go Diego Go) or asks for Satan underwear. If Mason can teach me to appreciate sharing a sunset with someone, I think God will help him work out the other issues in his mind, too.
Picture: The nightly ritual of Jas carrying Mason and Carter (and Boo) to bed


Anonymous said...

This whole post is AWESOME!!! From the pictures to the words - wonderful!!!!

Ms. B said...

I agree with Emily. I read it and it gave me chills. Thanks Angela - sometimes the highlight of my day is reading what you write.