Monday, September 17, 2007

Just one day at a spa - please!!

Okay, so I actually took the time to get ready one day this week - make up, hair, pretty cute outfit - fairly rare occurrence for me these days. I didn't end up leaving the house or seeing any other adults all day. A few days later I didn't have the time to do more than brush my hair and throw on a tacky t-shirt and shorts (as usual). I ended up having to leave in a hurry late in the day and didn't even pay attention to what I looked like. Naturally, I found myself in one place after another where everyone else had obviously spent more than 5 minutes on their morning routine. The icing on the cake was running into an old acquaintance from OBU who recognized me at Chic-Fil-A. If it wasn't bad enough that he and his wife were impeccably dressed, he approached me just after I took the most enormous bite I have ever taken of a chicken sandwich and I couldn't even respond for what seemed like an eternity. Nice. It wasn't until they left (I did manage to swallow and have a decent conversation) that I realized my kids looked a little like street urchins with their unkempt hair and dirty faces. Murphy's law? Lesson in humility? I'm still trying to decide.

Appointment to have a CT scan on Mason's sinuses this Wednesday. The nurse said there "probably" wouldn't be needles involved. Great.

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