Tuesday, August 7, 2007

WWSPD Update

Skinny people habits I will not be adopting:
- Waking up at 4:30 am to workout
- Running 10 miles a day/training for marathons
- Running any amount of miles - I hate running
- Eating Grape Nuts and peanut butter for dinner (luv ya' Christina :-)

Skinny people habits I can handle:
- Drinking tons of water
- Avoiding pop - to quote a popular diet book "Soda is liquid Satan"
- Avoiding snacks - this one is hard when you stay home with kids
- Eating smaller portions
- Eating leaner foods with fewer calories
- Working out - I love working out, but it's still hard to do with the kids and the budget restrictions we have right now. This one will be the hardest step to conquer until I have the money to join a gym with childcare, or until Jas get a job that allows him to be home before bedtime.

Note to Becky: I DID stick with WWSPD last night at Arby's. I ate the kid's meal turkey on whole grain sandwich.

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