Friday, September 6, 2013

Adventures in Lice Killing

I managed to live almost 40 years without having to deal with lice...even after teaching 17 years and having two kids in public school. Now that these disgusting little creatures have made their way from Carter's classroom our heads (don't get me started on the insane privacy policy that prevents schools from warning parents about lice in their children's classrooms) I've learned a thing or two about lice extermination.
  • There are very few facts and a million opinions that may or may not help.
  • Everyone agrees that constant combing and picking is essential. Nice.
  • You have to kill the live bugs first, then wait a week for their eggs to hatch before the second treatment.
  • Pesticide treatments like Rid are creating a resistant breed, making it harder to kill them.
  • Coconut oil and tea tree oil treatments might work just as well, but you have to sleep with it on your head ever night with a shower cap. Good luck getting my boys to do that!
  • Washing bedding is important, but carpets are safe because the bugs die after a few hours without a head to feed on. Lovely.
  • I washed everything that would fit in the washer and dried everything else...or put it in big bags. I'm not taking any chances.
  • After our first Rid shampoo treatment, I combed and picked everyone's hair for HOURS. I kept them home from school to comb and pick a second day. The third and fourth days I only found a few nits. I plan to do the second Rid treatment on the 7th day. Like I said...I'm not taking any chances!
  • I will wash everyone's hair with tea tree oil everyday for the rest of my life...or until I forget what a nightmare this lice event has been.

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