Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You might be a mom of boys if...

...your throw pillows are always thrown on the floor...never on the couch.
...every day brings a new joke that involves the word underwear.
...you utter the phrase "quit picking your nose" regularly.
...you hose down the bathroom with bleach water weekly.
...despite constant sanitizing, the bathroom still smells like pee.
...you have a rapidly growing collection of sports paraphernalia.
...you find yourself spending more money on a baseball bat than your last car.
...you gave up the battle against burping and farting a long time ago.
...one minute you're crying about fast they're growing up, and the next you're counting the days until you can boot them out the door.
...you cherish hugs from chubby little arms that get longer and skinnier every day.
...you wonder why you ever hoped you'd have a little girl someday.
My two boys floating down the Illinois River today