Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Wonderful World of Sports

I vaguely remember saying, when the boys were babies, that I would NEVER let my schedule be dominated by kids' sports. Add that to the list of nevers that have been unceremoniously thrown out the window (right along with never letting them wear character clothing and never letting them eat junk food). We have, at least for now, kept their sports schedules to one practice and one game a week...multiplied times two kids, of course. I've discovered that, at least for now, the practices and games are actually kind of fun. There are usually other moms to chat with, and the boys love getting out on the field.

Mason has a knack for throwing the football. He's enjoying being one of the quarterbacks this year. He says he's "the boss," which is right up his alley. Carter has only had one soccer practice, but he super serious about that soccer ball when he's on the field. Don't tell him it's little league soccer - he thinks he's working for the World Cup.

masonfootball2   soccer3

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day and Night

As my kids were telling me about their school day yesterday, I was reminded how incredibly different they are. I picked up Carter first, and he wouldn’t say anything for a few minutes. When he finally talked, he said, “Noah made me hit him.” I asked if he got in trouble, and he said no. He eventually admitted that he had. His chin quivered the whole time, and I thought he was going to cry. It wasn’t until bedtime that I finally dragged enough details out of him to put together what might have happened. He would answer every question with silence, followed by a few mumbled words. Bottom line, he was playing too rough and got in trouble.

I went to the other end of the school to pick up Mason, and he ran to meet me as soon as he saw me. He started his story before he even reached me. He gave me every detail about the lockdown they had that day…how he knew it was bad when the teachers were screaming in the hall…how everyone in his class was terrified, except him…and so on. Of course, the ‘screaming teachers’ detail was later retracted when I questioned him about it. But he quickly moved from that topic to the drama of third grade recess. Play-by-play descriptions of who said what and how he reacted to every word.

It’s so funny to watch them grow into the personalities that they’ll have as adults. I’ve already told Mason he should be a trial lawyer. His opening statements are very convincing…and he can argue like nobody’s business. Carter, on the other hand, may have a career in espionage. He practices by hiding in the pantry to eat forbidden snacks. Only time will tell!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School

I’m a few days late blogging about the first day of school…it’s actually the 6th day. Mason started 3rd grade, and Carter is a big kindergarten boy this year. This school year is a whole new world for me. I’m not teaching…and the boys are at school. I’d like to say I’m sitting on the couch, missing them terribly, crying, and looking at their photo albums. Umm…no. Although I love them dearly, I have to admit that I’m enjoying my freedom! I actually went to the store without children yesterday. It’s amazing how fast you can zip through the aisles when nobody is hanging from the basket or begging to push it.

I’ve also transformed myself into a dedicated writer. Unfortunately, no one is paying me for the hours I’m slaving over the computer keyboard. But I have a writing schedule now, which includes daily blogging and a word quota for my novel. If I finish the first draft by the end of September, I may try e-publishing by December or so. I love a new challenge! (if I can just follow through this time…)

firstdayschoolNotice the forced “Hurry up, Mom!” smiles.