Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring WAS Here

Springtime in Oklahoma = 79 sunny degrees yesterday + 34 rainy degrees today. The boys' baseball games have been postponed over and over because of rain....which means double header make-up games for the next few weeks. Woohoo!

Mason took his CRT state reading test today. Poor kid has a teacher for a mom - he got all kinds of tips and reminders this morning. McDonald's offered free breakfast for kids who were testing, so I gave in and let the boys do egg McMuffins before school. We were in line with half the town and almost didn't make it to school on time. Note to McD's...if you invite the whole to over for free breakfast, you MIGHT want to schedule more than one cashier the morning of. I'm available for consultations on future promotions if you need me...just let me know.