Thursday, June 27, 2013

Disney World

We've been back from Disney for a couple of weeks, but I forgot to blog about it. Here are the highlights from Disney World with Gigi and Grandad:

1. The airplane bouncing up and down on our approach to Orlando. Shouldn't it be illegal for pilots to land a plane in a thunderstorm??

2. Carter crying and declaring he's NEVER flying again. I chose not to remind him that we still had to fly back home.

3. A beautiful condo with pools and lazy river at Bonnet Creek, just outside all the Disney parks.

4. Day 1 at Magic Kingdom, where we further traumatized Carter on Space Mountain. He loved the teacups and Dumbo ride, though! We spent most of this day in line for Under the Sea (yes...we know about Fast Passes...we should've used them on this one).

5. Day 2 at Animal Kingdom. We all loved the Lion King show and African safari. Jas rode the big roller coaster, Expedition Everest and swears we would've LOVED speeding backwards down the track in the dark. I don't think so.
Gigi and Grandad with the boys...Animal Kingdom
6. Day 3 favorite park! I wanted to spend another day or two exploring the "countries" of the world showcase. The rides were very tame, but I got a little panicky when we had "technical difficulties" on Spaceship Earth inside the big EPCOT ball. Sitting in a giant metal ball during a lightning storm is a little nerve wracking. OH...and we loved Test Track...except for being a little freaked out by their technical difficulties, too.

7. Day 4 Hollywood Studios. We hit the gate running straight to get Fast Passes for Toy Story Mania...good thing because they ran out within the hour. It was WELL worth the wait, shooting virtual darts and pellets at virtual, 3D arcade objects as we spun from screen to screen. Disney needs to make more interactive rides like this!
Walking to the Great Movie Ride...Hollywood Studios

8. After a morning of pool time, we headed back to the airport...much to Carter's dismay. Wish we could've stayed longer - we had an amazing time!

9. I forgot to mention our matching, fluorescent Disney shirts...yes, we were that family. We wore them every day so we could find each other, which isn't always easy at Disney.
Gigi, Carter, Minnie, Mason