Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Fishies

Mason and Carter started swim school last night... a first for both of them. Mason loves it. He even went under water several times tonight, which is a HUGE accomplishment for him. He says he can be baptized now :)

Carter, on the other hand, may be expelled from swim school. He's terrified of the water - just like his older brother was until VERY recently. He screams so loud that the owner of the school offered to give me my money back. We'll try one more lesson tomorrow, but I'm betting he'll end up a swim school drop-out. That means my 40 minutes of peace and quiet may be a thing of the past. Darn! I had just gotten used to listening to audio books on my new little pink iPod (my Mother's Day present). I knew it was too good to last!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

Here's what I see when I look at these 2 pictures I took on Monday:
1. The sun does shine sometimes in our backyard (couldn't tell it today).
2. Girls eat much slower than boys. (check out their napkins)
3. I need to do a better job of teaching Mason to put his shirt on the right way.
4. I LOVE having a patio table on the deck. (when it's not monsoon season).
5. M and C love playing with their "sisters" Kaylee and Destiny in the backyard.
6. Mason carried his Gideon Bible EVERYWHERE the day after he accepted Christ as his savior. (see it on the table?)
7.They were all playing "boat" on the deck, but Mason was a pirate, Carter was a shark, Kaylee was Nemo, and Destiny was a mermaid. The Nemo and Mermaid version of the "boat" game didn't really mix with the pirate and shark version. The pirate and the shark had to sit in time out several times for attacking Nemo and the mermaid.