Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dead Computer/New Computer

I didn't realize how addicted I am to the computer until I went a few days without one (might have just been one day, but it seemed like more). We returned home from Borger to find that our computer wouldn't turn on. I took it to a repair place, where the computer nerd on duty graced me with his brilliant diagnosis. "It's an E-Machine. It's dead," he said with a bored, condescending tone (anyone remember the SNL 'computer guy' parody?). SO, now we have the latest thing Dell has to offer, which will be outdated next week, I'm sure. I do love it, though, especially the movie-making software that Windows Vista comes with. I can't wait to get my own YouTube account. I'll start by posting the hilarious video of my dad and Buddy the dog. It's a surefire ticket to fame - I'll be on The Ellen Show with Buddy in a few months talking about how surprised I am that my video got so many hits. (Okay, maybe it's not THAT funny.)

Picture taken after Gracie's High School Musical 5th birthday party at the Funhouse (hence the icing spot on Mason's lips and shirt).

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