Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Pursuit of Healthyness

As flu season approaches, I've been looking for ways to boost our immune systems - alternatives to the flu shot. I'm just not convinced that the shot is effective. And it has well- documented potential dangers. Besides, everyone I know who gets the silly thing gets really sick - more than just the 'mild flu symptoms' the doctors warn about. SO we're taking cod liver oil. It's a little fishy...and, well, oily...but it's not bad. Mason and I take it every day in a shot of orange juice. Carter gets it every few days, although he's not exactly a willing participant. We're also taking vitamin C, and my cousin Sonii - my natural health consultant - recommends a probiotic. I haven't looked for that yet.

Carter has had a fever since last night. No other symptoms. Maybe I should have given him more cod liver oil. He seemed better when he went to bed. We'll see if he needs Tylenol at midnight and 4:30 like last night. Fun times for mom!

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