Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Gonna' Be a Bright, Bright, Sunshiney Day (FINALLY!)

I'm very thankful that we no longer have the drought conditions that we had for the past few years, but the constant rain is really getting old. I've never seen so much water in the Arkansas River (which is usually just the Arkansas River Bed in South Tulsa), or in our backyard/swamp. Despite the 60% chance of rain today, though, it was sunny (actually partly cloudy) most of the day. Mason was so excited to finally get to swim in the pool that he's only been able to look at through the rain for 5 days. He LOVED it - actually doggie-paddled some for the first time. He even came in at the pre-appointed time without throwing a fit. That may not seem significant, but it's truly a miracle. I'm SO glad he's happy with his non-canine early birthday present.

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